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Our mission.

Listen to the following recording to hear our mission, and the things we would like to accomplish at Blind Access:
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What blind access has to offer.

We offer the following podcasts.

iOS access
In the iOS Access podcast, we will cover the best ways of using an Apple device with Voiceover screen reader enabled. We will also demonstrate accessible apps, and show some tips and tricks for making the most out of using the iOS operating system.
Android access
In the Android Access podcast, we will show you how to use Talkback on an Android device. We will demonstrate accessible apps, and show the best ways of accessibly working with the Android operating system.
Windows access
In the Windows Access podcast, we will show you the best ways of working with the Microsoft Windows operating system using a screen reader. We will explain the changes that come with new updates of Windows 10, as well as general usage of Windows and its many applications.
Demo access
In the Demo Access podcast, we will demonstrate how to play many different audio games. We will also demonstrate any accessible software that does not fall into the above three categories.
NVDA transforming accessibility
In the NVDA: Transforming Accessibility podcast, we will provide tutorials for using the free screen reader called NVDA. These tutorials will cover basic usage and understanding of the functionality of the NVDA screen reader.

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